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New 'traybakes' range now available UK wide!

Well what a strange 2020 it has turned out to be so far, certainly not the 40th birthday year of fun I had planned!

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of both my dad and grandmother in April has given me quite a bit of down time. This has helped me to reflect on my business and forced me to adapt and hopefully grow in the ways I had been planning to (I just never seemed to have the time before).


I'm thrilled to say that we are now going to be shipping a delicious selection of traybakes across the UK from 1st July. It was so hard trying to pick what to put in the shop - you know me, I love switching flavours up each week and providing lots of choice.

After several hours of research and planning here are a few of the things on offer:

An Ultimate Combo box

This is a mixed box of 6 traybakes, one of each flavour. Flavours will be changed each week so keep your eyes peeled!

A Combo box

A mixed box of 4 of our most popular bakes - again, these will be altered weekly.

Cookie Cup Selection box

Oh my days, I'm not sure I should have started making these!

6 cookie dough cups stuffed with 2 Salted Caramel (from the divine @Fwdge - check out her website - delicious!), 2 Biscoff spread and 2 Nutella.

These are great to eat as they are but warmed for 10 seconds in the microwave and served with ice cream takes them to another level.

There are also a range of complete traybakes for you to order from the shop such as our Triple Chocolate Brownies or our Biscoff Rocky Road, perfect for BBQs, parties or gatherings (socially distant ones obviously).

Check out our online shop page for the full range - orders are now being taken for the first delivery run on 2nd July.


At the moment orders will be shipped every Thursday (last day for ordering online is a Monday at 9pm. Orders received after that day and time will be carried over to the next weeks delivery.

This is to make sure that I am not making too many trips to wholesalers and post offices during this time and also because I want to make sure it is workable and achievable by myself!

I've had 3 months off and whilst I know I haven't forgotten how to cook I'm sure I'll be a little slower to start with.


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