Hydrangea Cake

I've seen online recently, lots of pictures of hydrangea cakes...especially on my Pinterest page.

I love hydrangeas, I have three in my garden and there are lots at the end of my street. I just love the giant flowers and they make such an impact visually so when I saw these cakes I knew I had to give them a go.


I baked some vanilla cupcakes and then coloured half my buttercream a pale blue using a mix of Sugarflair's 'Baby Blue' and 'Bluebell'.

To create the multi coloured look when icing all you need is the various coloured buttercream, a spatula and some cling film. Place a square of clingfilm on your worktop and spread out a layer of the blue coloured buttercream. On top of that add a layer of cream buttercream, then repeat with the blue. Roll the clingfilm up to form a sausage and snip the end. Place the cut end inside an icing bag first with a closed star tip and hey presto...multi tonal flowers! So pretty and they were scrumptious too :-)